HUAWEI Builds a Smart Future With AI Prowess

5G has become the latest cost effective trend that has evolved around the world with improved features marking a brand new era in the human history creating way to a more intelligent and better society.
In order to fully collaborate with 5G it is a crucial requirement to upgrade the technology to a one that supports 5G network that has already has been constructed. Until then the maximum capacity of 5G, Artificial Intelligence and Big Data will to remain unutilized.
Although we are already equipped with the technology that can meet the needs of today we haveyet, more to go in order to meet the requirements of the intelligent world we are about to meet

As one of the largest software companies Huawei has come forward to establish itself in the communications industry as one of the world’s leading telecom device and solution providers.
Huawei therefore has the feasibility of combining these strengths to create the world’s most powerful computing ecosystem.
The Huawei Developer Conference 2020 (cloud) was webcasted in Shenzhen from March 27–28, 2020, demonstrating its rapidly growing computing ecosystem and its strategy as a global leader of ICT enterprises.


With AI development Huawei is expecting to enhance its powerful existence beyond the communications industry. Huawei has identified pervasive AI as an anchor point to take services and applications of powerful computing, storage, and communications forward.

AI can be built into any form such as systems, chips and even the application layer, as well as the bottom layer expanding the boundaries of performance even further. AI has already become one of the most widely used technologies in almost every industry in the society as expected it to be a fundamental part of every dimension of the community.

AI has become the master of all people-intensive activities offering extensive power to revamp the technology. Huawei has already started preparations for the AI of tomorrow that support both AI growth and Huawei pave the path to transform into a leader of the AI industry.


With the continuous innovation of the technology innovative AI requires an innovative mind-set.

The Huawei Computer Vision Plan was unveiled at HDC.Cloud. by Dr. Tian Qi, the chief scientist of computer vision at Huawei.

“Huawei will continue extensive investment in basic research and tackle three fundamental obstacles which stand in the way of efficient data mining, visual recognition model designing, and data representation and storage. Overcoming these obstacles will drive general intelligence,” Dr. Tian said.

The Vision Plan incorporates six sub-plans:

  • Data Iceberg
  • Data Magic Cube
  • Model High Touching
  • Mode Slimming
  • Generic Vision
  • V-R Integration

Global researchers were too invited to join the Vision Plan for collaborative innovation and exploration of the future. The Vision Plan will be further accelerated by Huawei Atlas AI, Huawei’s

powerful computing platform. Atlas research results will be applied on the AI computing framework of Huawei’s all-scenario Mind Spore and open to every AI developer in the industry.

The practicality of the vision plan has a universal appeal to AI developers as it is the most latest technology in the industry.

Vision Plan represents an important development for Huawei AI. Many of the latest technologies used will require Computer Vision. The total number of cameras in China is expected to exceed 3 billion by 2030. The only way to examine the collected data is via Computer Vision an AI is a crucial part of this technology.


Huawei’s computer vision is not limited in the AI industry extends towards the use of open source suites to promote AI software and hardware which is an equally important goal.

The chief scientist of Huawei Mind Spore who is also an IEEE fellow, announced that the AI computing framework of Huawei’s all-scenario Mind Spore will go open source in Gitee. This is a key component of Huawei’s global plan for an open source community to create a thriving ecosystem for AI software and hardware.

Mind Spore natively adapts to each scenario and supports collaboration on demand. User-friendly development using AI Algorithm As Code significantly reduces model development time and thresholds. Mind Spore includes cutting-edge technologies and co-optimization with Huawei Ascend’s AI processors to streamline run-time and computing performance. Mind Spore also supports other processors like GPU and CPU.

Mind Spore is adaptable to any scenario and supports collaboration on demand. The use of AI Algorithm As Code for user-friendly development, significantly reduces model development time and thresholds. In order to streamline run-time and computing performance, Mind Spore includes co￾optimization with Huawei Ascend’s AI Processors. Mind Spore also supports other processors like GPU and CPU.

Model Arts Pro an AI productivity tool released by HUAWEI CLOUD is for industry AI developers which is the first development suite for enterprise-grade AI applications for enterprises on the cloud and innovatively creates practical benefits from industry AI. It also provides developers with creative freedom supporting to boost the overall AI development efficiency and implementation.

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